Goodies from Ashima

A really nice box arrived today,

It was sent out on the 25th from Taiwan, and I was really looking forward to its arrival!

It included, 2 sets of Ashima's incredibly light Pan Cake Brake or PCB, (More on them once they are tested)   2 sets of the super slick Re-action cable sets (Red in colour!) 8 super light AiRoToR in varied sizs/colours and a load of brake pads to keep me on course for the season ahead. (I've used the pads and rotors for the last two seasons. They are brilliant, light, and will last a long time.)

Thanks to Wayne at Ashima for the sponsorship. I'm looking forward to promoting the brand in Ireland!

Here's some picks of products. Now its time to go for a ride and test these shiny things!


New Sponsors/Plans

My 2011 mountain bike adventures will be starting very shortly and I'm getting excited. There's plenty of racing to be done this summer at home and abroad. Ill compete in chosen International races on the continent like i did the last two summers.

This will mean ill be staying at friends houses to keep the costs low. I'd say ill be cooking a lot of dinners to keep them happy during these trips away!! This is a fun way of doing races abroad and I'm pretty excited to plan it out after the new years celebrations.

For 2011, Trek Ireland and Thinkbike will continue to supply me with the top of the line Trek race machines/Support. I've also acquired some great new sponsors to help me along the way. Ill keep you all updated on the products and review them!