Overall Series Winner

So, I had a 3 week block of back to back racing. It was great training, and amazing weather! I was also on borrowed bike components, so everything felt a little different for these races. But after 2 weeks I got things dialed in. I'm pretty pleased with my progress so far. mostly fitness but also now technically. I seem to be on a new level this year. I think its a combination of better nutrition, maturity and overall conditioning over the years. But I definitely think my nutrition sponsor USN has something to do with my progress this season.  So thanks a million guys. Its incredible support.

Also I won the overall Biking Blitz series, held my Niall Davis at Biking.ie Which was great!! These guys did an amazing job, so well done to them!

Race 1 - 1st Place - Galway Biking Blitz 

There was a crash early on in the first lap. I landed on my leg badly, and this meant I had to hobble my way to finish on one leg and claw back the two minutes which I lost to the guy in front. It was excruciating, the adrenaline didn't stop the pain. I slipped on a damp wooden bridge and landed on my knee / thigh / hip. I couldn't stand over the bike in the technical sections and I nearly lost to 1st place!! 

But, I was determined to win. This was some good mental training! I was excited at winning, but quickly realized i couldn't walk well after race or train for the entire week afterwards! It all makes you stronger that's for sure!!

Race 2 - 3rd Place - Leinster League - Bunclody, Wexford 

So I couldn't train for much of the week with the injured leg. But, I went to race and tried to avoid thinking about the consequences of little to no intensity during the before the race. This is an amazing track. I've won it previously twice, and i consider it my race course. With a long steady climb, and a technical descent it suits me! But this time I had to accept 3rd place.  Marty Allen (Riverside,Cannondale)who was a super cool fast american, and Peter Buggle (Rocky Mountain bikes) were 1st and 2nd in a sprint finish.

Race 3 - 2nd Place - Biking Blitz 3Rock

This was an unbelievably great race! Again, the course suited me. A long climb to the top of 3rock followed by a fast descent *4 times. This was a relatively short 1:30 minute race. My good friend Sebastian Rakos (Chile), took up the lead on the climb and for the remainder of the first lap. He was clearly going faster than us without suffering too much. Even on a bike he picked up for 200Euro!!!!!! Sadly he punctured on the second lap. I took over the lead from here on, and led for much of the remainder of the race. It was Peter Buggle (Rocky Mountain) and Robert Scanlon (Team Worc) behind me for the race. I felt good, It felt like amazing training as I rarely had to go in to the red. I was content spinning away, and I was feeling good. I WANTED to win. I was so close, but in the final moments, Peter squeezed by me to take the win on a dangerous entry to the final technical descent. I was caught a little off guard, and I chose to live, and let him by! I was one second of the win.