Training Racing

So, these went surprisingly well! I've been using these races as training, while following a plan by my excellent coach 'Aidan Ryan'

Basically it means I'm going in to the races a little tired from the previous day's efforts, but luckily my body is getting used to it, and i'm not feeling too bad during race day.

Race 2 - Biking Blitz  - 2nd place 

1st Place was Robin Seymour, 3rd place was Kevin Calhoun (Canadian Rocky Mountain rider)) These guys were fast on the downhills, but I could catch back on the uphills. Robin got a 29 second lead on me overall. I was kind of on the limit going through the downhill sections. Following these guys at warp speed was intense, kind of dangerous but seriously fun!

Some how, I felt good, even after the previous day's 100km /1650meters road ride. I think its down to the USN recover Xcell recovery juice!

Not only does it taste amazing (tropical flavour), its easy to mix and doesn't mess your bottles up afterwards. Its a carbohydrate/ protein mix, so its definitely the future for recovery drinks after hard efforts. Its proving to be incredibly useful after training during college days, when lunch has to wait a little! Check it out here http://www.usnireland.ie/Endurance-Recovery.html

 Chilling before the start, with the foreign legion. Its great to have a varied mix of cultures at the races these days, I'm learning about 4 languages at once! I like hanging with foreigners, we all know that.
Going through the super fast flowy sections looking like a Skinny spiderman! RAD

Race 3 - Traders Cup - Dundalk  (Somewhere in the Top 10)

This was boring but good training, again we trained for 4.5 the day before with a lot of climbing and the day before that I did a short session of power intervals. So my goal was to finish the thing!

Being a newbie to road cycling, I'm not yet 100% sure of the dynamics. But, I decided to work hard at the front for 1 hour 20 then got tired and recovered at the back for the remainder, but in the final stretch I followed one of the sprinters to the line, cross eyed, looking like a demented rat.

Mountain biking in Ireland is creative, spontaneous, and allows for deep pensive thoughts, Road biking in Ireland is grim. You may as just sit alone in a dark basement on an indoor trainer.


USN nutrition list for 2012

So, here's a list of the USN products that Ill be using to help my racing, recovery and training. There's a lot of different things, so I'm slowly trying out each of the products. Ill do bigger reviews on each as the weeks go on.
So 1) USN Recover Xcell! This is going to be the most important product I think. Lots of training makes zero sense when your not recovered properly! The guys who train less always do better!

2) USN Vooma Gels - Massive re-sealable energy shots. 1 tube will last for a race.  There's 24 in a box. Use it, re-seal it, stick it in the pocket and away you go! Simple. And it tastes great.

3) USN CytoPower Hp - Go faster performance drink for racing mainly. Proper testing soon.

4) USN VO2Max - This is an interesting supplement and is essentially an iron supplement for increased oxegen uptake/production of red blood cells.  

5) USN Multiplex Sport -  Good varied amount of vitamins to keep the body in order.

6) USN Triple Omega  - Important omega 3, 6 , 9 fatty acids. Fish oil is the business.


MTB Movie!

Here's an amazing video about my mountain biking life. It was made by my great friend Brian Fortune who's a top, top film director.  Hope you like it!