2 Races and a string of bad luck

So, I DNF'd at the first National race in Cork.This was down to two punctures and a 40 minute walk back to the start finish area. This was not cross country racing, this was atrocity on a hilltop. 

I was feeling great legs wise, the long climb at the start suited me and within a few seconds from the gun, myself and Niall Davis rode away from the pack comfortably up the steep 10 minute climb . It was such a shame that the long descent happened to go down a bone rattling enduro moto track instead of some nice flawy single trail sections that you find in forests!!  Anyways, after 5 hours driving we were back and I was home forgetting about the experience!

In the second National round I didn't manage to go as well as weeks before performance wise, it seemed to be an off day/l off last few days running up to event. I rested extrememlly well during the week,i slept a lot with my legs up but none of it helped. I remained philosophical about my lack of speed but made sure that in the end I completed the race! which was good even though I was slower than a dying pig! So in retrospect it turns out, I had a case of gum infection during the week, I thought it would dissipate by race day, but in fact they got worse. Anyway, Salt and water 5 times a day is the job, and now i'm back to normal. 

The race course was phenonomal! here's some pics!

This is where I blew my lights!!

I have a hard block of training coming up to keep the body confused and sore!, Its in preparation for the middle season races, internationals / Champs. This pretty much includes an excellent club race on a tuesday, tempo on a wednesday, and another cub race on a thursday and a sprinting session on a Saturday with a Race on a Sunday! 

Tomorrow is an excellent local mountain bike race. The start line is only 30 minutes away on the bike! Bit of light mist around the hills Kenda Small blocks tomorrow??!