Portugal - Training for 1 month!

So, I'm here in the south  of Portugal, training like a warrior, thanks to the amazing and eccentric highlly artistic Swift / Fortune family! They are essentially having me over in their amazing villa in Alfonsino for just over a month.The weather is incredible, and about 30+ degree's every day.

Luckily, one of the house members happens to be Tomas Swift Metcalfe!!! he's a mixture, of Irish english and Portuguese heritage and mainly a fantastic Rolouer with Portugal's top Pro team Carmin Prio!! Strong as an ox, and with a penchant for saving small animals on training rides! He's also a sports scientist, so I'm getting to know some useful pro biking facts.

1) I'm fat, and need to lose a few Kilo's!

2) Learn to train harder!

3) More importantly, Dog's are cool.

Day 1) 4 hours - 130km
 Mountains -Road biking including 30 min w/ sprints, 30 min motor pacing  + a gruelling test up the highest mountain 'foia' HARD..........

Day 2) 1.30  - Nice and easy

Day 3) 5 hours - Inc 2 hours fast pace in the mountains with a future young pro if he sticks at it!

To survive with this gruelling month of training, i'm horsing through the USN supplements, which include Recover Xcell for after a hard session, this tasty carb / Protein mixture is making me feel automatically refuelled and recovered!  I'm also trying out the Epic Pro all in one source of fuel / recovery on the long mountain runs. This was designed for events like the Cape Epic!! Its seen as an all around usefull fuel source, For during a session, and even for after. So big thanks to USN for keeping me fueled over here! Its amazing!