Winter Update / New Focus

Firstly, I successfully got my Advertising Degree, and since then, I've had to knuckle down and start a job hunt, its not as easy as it sounds but I've been able to train a lot.

For 2013, I'm changing focus, longer, grueling, endurance mountain bike events are to be my main focus. They normally last for about a week, and tend to go across vast mountain ranges with riders sleeping in tents nomadic style. I decided this in June, and since then have been trying to adjust to a longer distance style of racing.

There's bound to be incredible experiences, and of course serious high's and low's. I think i'd that's why they appeal to me. In Ireland, we've only really had one event like this before, a shortened version, everyone who raced it loved it!

One of the events I have in mind (more on this soon) is 9 days long.. 9 days!!! 4000 meters climbing each day, its going to be beyond difficult. Its going to encompass everything I love about mountain bike holidays or Races in the alps, History, Sun, incredible descents, and mountain top war fortresses. Italy is full of these. on the french border, nearly every peak has a one, Amazing!

Here's a picture of Briancon, the town is surrounded by this amazing Vauban fortress from the 1700's.  its an incredible place to ride a mountain bike for over 8 hours.

More on the Races soon.

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